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Makeup Brushes

About My Work

Kelmyah Turner is a black trans-woman and the proud owner of K. Kamryn’s Beauty LLC. She is an entrepreneur, hair stylist, and makeup artist with over 20+ years of experience serving Mobile and surrounding areas. With over 10+ years of corporate management experience working in the retail industry, 15+years managing her Beauty Businesses, and a Master’s in Applied Science/Social Development Counseling, Kelmyah brings a wealth of knowledge in customer service and customer satisfaction. She uniquely combines her passion for motivational interviewing and making things look beautiful to create spaces where women and non-binary people feel welcome in a comfortable, friendly, and relaxing environment so they can escape the stress of everyday life.

At K. Kamryn Beauty, I am dedicated to making you look and feel amazing. Since 2003, I have dedicated my entire career to bringing out the inner beauty in all of my clients. Makeup is more than just colors to me — it’s a chance for people to step out of their everyday and into something wonderful. I offer a variety of services and use proven techniques and top-of-the-line products.

Ready for a makeup experience unlike you’ve ever had before? For more information and to schedule a session, contact me today.

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